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Member Company Workshops

Learning about money matters.

Workshops for Member Companies

CCFS’s onsite financial workshops for Member Companies can assist you in providing benefits that increase your employees’ financial wellness, help reduce their stress and boost morale. A study conducted by Unum showed that 82% of employees who rated their benefits education highly, also rated their employer as an excellent or good place to work. For more details, click here. We’ve combined our most popular workshops to develop the Workshop Wellness programs shown in the links below, along with a full list of workshops to meet your employees’ financial needs. To schedule an individual workshop or to register for a Workplace Wellness series of workshops, contact CCFS Director Brian Tramontano.


Retirement Bound Workshop

Workshops for Companies - Retirement Bound

A happy and secure retirement: That’s the goal most of us our working toward. But as we get closer to the date we want to retire, many questions come up, such as:

  • Will I be able to retire?
  • How much do I need to save to retire comfortably?
  • How long will my money last?
  • How should I invest during retirement?

Our Retirement Bound Workshop will help you answer these questions and learn about the five important steps to take now that may help pave the way to a happier retirement.

To schedule a Retirement Bound Workshop at your location, contact Brian Tramontano, Director, CAP COM Financial Services, LLC.


Your Money @ Work

Workshops for Companies - Your Money at Work

The Your Money @ Work series includes the following on-site financial workshops presented by the professionals at CAP COM Financial Services, LLC:

Taking Control of Your Finances - A great introduction to the best ways to manage cash flow, budget properly and save for the future. Previous survey results show that 85% of attendees said they would make a personal finance change based on what they learned at the Taking Control of Your Finances Workshop.

Saving for Retirement - This workshop explains several retirement savings vehicles, covers investment principles and discusses points to consider when planning for a secure retirement. Whether just starting to save for retirement or exploring more sophisticated planning strategies, Saving for Retirement will help employees understand their options and become a more informed investor.

Retirement Bound - For those within 5 to 10 years of retirement, Retirement Bound helps employees learn about the five most important steps to take now, that may pave the way to a happier retirement.

To schedule Your Money @ Work, contact Brian Tramontano, Director, CAP COM Financial Services, LLC.


Women & Money

Workshops for Companies - Women and Money

Our Women & Money series of workshops will help women identify the unique challenges and opportunities female investors experience on the road to financial

Women Invest: Women tend to have greater longevity than men. How can a long life and other factors impact a woman’s approach to growing her nest egg and making the most of her money?

Women Retire: The average woman will live in retirement for 25 plus years. How can women turn savings into retirement income that lasts as long as they do?

Women Protect: Increasingly, women earn more than their husbands. Regardless of who the breadwinner is, how can women protect their loved ones, their nest eggs and their long term health?

To schedule Women & Money , contact Brian Tramontano, Director, CAP COM Financial Services, LLC.


Other Financial Workshops

Workshops for Companies - Other Workshops

Choose from these complimentary on-site workshops to help improve your employees’ financial wellness:

  • Taking Control of Your Finances – An easy-to-understand workshop covering the basics of savings and budgeting
  • Investing 101 – An introduction to the concepts of investing and managing risk.
  • Saving for College - Parents with young children learn about savings vehicles like the 529 Plan.
  • Understanding Life Insurance – Learn your best coverage options for protecting the ones you love.
  • Women in Investing – Learn about unique retirement income strategies for female investors.
  • Saving for Retirement – Savings and investing for retirement beginning at any age.
  • Retirement Bound – For those within 5-10 years of their retirement date.
  • Making the Most of Social Security – Learn how to make the right choices regarding when and how to file.
  • Planning for Healthcare in Retirement – Do you need a Medicare Supplement plan? What about Long Term Care?

We make it easy by providing you with:

  • 8.5”x11” workshop signs to post or e-mail to employees.
  • A copy of the presentation prior to the workshop.
  • Printed hand outs for attendees.
  • Evaluation forms to provide feedback after the workshop.

Plus: All workshops are complimentary and tailored to your company by CCFS. Sessions run from 20 minutes to one hour depending on how much time you allocate. Workshops can be scheduled at a time convenient for your employees. We require at least 10 people to be registered to conduct a workshop.

To schedule a workshop at your location, contact Brian Tramontano, Director, CAP COM Financial Services, LLC.

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