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Record Retention Guide 

  1. Personal Documents To Keep For One Year
    1. Bank Statements
    2. Paycheck Stubs (reconcile with W-2)
    3. Canceled checks
    4. Monthly and quarterly mutual fund and retirement contribution statements (reconcile with year-end statement)
  2. Personal Documents To Keep For Three Years
    1. Credit Card Statements
    2. Medical Bills (in case of insurance disputes) 
    3. Utility Records
    4. Expired Insurance Policies 
  3. Personal Documents To Keep For Six Years
    1. Supporting Documents For Tax Returns
    2. Accident Reports and Claims
    3. Medical Bills (if tax-related)
    4. Property Records / Improvement Receipts
    5. Sales Receipts
    6. Wage Garnishments
    7. Other Tax-Related Bills
  4. Personal Records To Keep Forever
    1. CPA Audit Reports
    2. Legal Records
    3. Important Correspondence
    4. Income Tax Returns
    5. Income Tax Payment Checks
    6. Investment Trade Confirmations
    7. Retirement and Pension Records
  5. Special Circumstances
    1. Car Records (keep until the car is sold)
    2. Credit Card Receipts (keep with your credit card statement)
    3. Insurance Policies (keep for the life of the policy)
    4. Mortgages / Deeds / Leases (keep 6 years beyond the agreement)
    5. Pay Stubs (keep until reconciled with your W-2)
    6. Property Records / improvement receipts (keep until property sold)
    7. Sales Receipts (keep for life of the warranty)
    8. Stock and Bond Records (keep for 6 years beyond selling)
    9. Warranties and Instructions (keep for the life of the product)
    10. Other Bills (keep until payment is verified on the next bill)
    11. Depreciation Schedules and Other Capital Asset Records (keep for 3 years after the tax life of the asset)
    12. Military Papers (keep permanently, may be required for possible veterans benefits)
    13. Personal Certificate, Birth/Death, Marriage/Divorce, Religious ceremonies (keep permanently)
    14. Real Estate Documents (Keep three to six years after property has been disposed of and taxes have been paid)
    15. Residential Records, copies of purchase-related documents, annual mortgage statements, receipts for improvements and copies of rental leases/receipts (keep indefinitely)
    16. Social Security Statements (discard when current records of payments into the Social Security System are received)
    17. Warranties and Receipts (discard expired warranties.  Use judgment when discarding receipts.)
    18. Will (keep current Will permanently.  Keep until rendered obsolete by a new version).

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